About Amber Athens

Amber Athens Resto & Bar

In the heart of Athens, at the conjunction of Kolokotroni and Leocharous streets, lies Amber Athens; A new concept urban restaurant bar, this special venue offers an all-day destination for those who are looking for a unique aesthetic and culinary experience.

The source of inspiration of this unique space - with several custom made creations - is what its name states: the gemstone of amber. In addition to its famous use as a jewel since ancient times, amber has the ability to preserve within it various of the beauties of its surroundings.

Much as the purpose of Amber Athens. Outside of its tinted windows, it is difficult to see what value lies within, but when you open its doors, one is surrounded by its tastefulness. This theme continues in the aesthetics of the venue, with its hidden lighting, continuing on to the second vertical space further inside where the unique presentation bar is situated, as well as to its menu with dishes containing small "hidden" taste surprises.

The ode to artist Pablo Picasso is evident in the decoration, as a connection of the amorphous, asymmetrical, free mass of amber with the human spirit of creation.

Reservations: +30 210 322 7757 | developed by magaζειν